MobilioFM in the field

Mobilio connects your technicians in the field with your office in "real time" providing your technicians with compatible PDA's or PC's that contain the Mobilio field software you can always be connected.

Off-line capabilities: provide support for working "off-line" when technicians are out of wireless network coverage. This is necessary for out-of-coverage areas like boiler rooms and remote rural areas.

Your office can electronically communicate key information - such as work orders and preventative maintenance schedules - to your technicians electronically in real time, staying connected with all the updates from your technicians as they happen.

Time sheets ... are now in electronic format on the device providing the office and technician with instant payroll back-up.

Service agreements: Preventative maintenance schedules can be followed and technicians can utilize pre-defined lists of tasks into easy-to-use checklists.

Technicians can have limited or complete access to information...such as service history on specific pieces of equipment. This empowers the technician to react accordingly based on prior customer visits, preventative maintenance schedules and more

field check list

Inspection Forms (Check Lists): Data collection is made simple with the use of inspection forms. Customize your own 'check lists' according to your marketplace and data capture needs.

Technicians receive complete information through electronic work orders... by providing service history, equipment specifics, and detailed service call information, all via existing cell-based networks. Technicians can use handheld devices or lap tops to stay in constant communication with the office. The old practices of paper-based work orders and providing information via radio or cell phone with the technician jotting notes are eliminated.

Technicians maintain and update necessary information: Including materials, labor, parts and time – while they are in the field, eliminating the burden of manual processes and paper flow that can overwhelm your business. Completed work orders are sent back electronically to the office through the wireless networks, allowing for immediate processing and invoicing.

PDA ease of use

Technicians find Mobilio to be extremely easy to use: With easy-to-use pull-down forms, service checklists, signature capture to industry specific terms and databases, the software assists in completing the work order electronically, making their job easier and giving them more time to focus on customer service.

Additionally, you can now empower field technicians to be an extension of the sales force... companies are realizing that the service technician offers a trusted, valuable touch point to customers, not only for addressing critical service issues but also for ongoing product education and up-sell activity.

Mobilio allows for companies to communicate more effectively with their field technicians... providing your company with the flexibility to use cross-mobile devices, such as handheld's and laptop computers.

Field Work Order entry

“...With complete access to service history in the field, technicians will have easy access to up-to-date information about the equipment they are about to service, including any warranty information, service performed in the past and any other notes left by the previous service calls.”

The Technicians' summary window shows: active, open, pending and waiting work orders and key information about the work order, such as priority, scheduled time, and relevant customer information. ...Technicians have access to complete field printing capabilities, ranging from Bluetooth/mobile wireless receipt printers to full invoice printers in their trucks. Most technicians send the approved work order directly to the office, at which time the office can immediately print, fax or e-mail the work order at time of completion, eliminating the need for any paper to be left behind by technicians...

Worker using PDA  with Customer

... unbelievable productivity gains... the technicians are able to increase the number of customer visits per day. We were also be able to maximize having correct tasks preformed without having to do revisits or follow-up appointments and eliminated lost service revenue by recording correctly service data when it happened..”

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