MobilioFM in the Office

Mobilio's Service Center is the service management mission control center for your business. This Web-based solution provides your office with the direct connection between your technicians in the field and your office dispatcher.

Electronic Dispatch Board

The Dispatch board is the hub of the service center operation, essentially serving as "mission control" in running the service operation. Your dispatcher gains the power to run a web-based dispatch board that communicates with field technicians in real time throughout the day. As information or status changes, the technicians and office are alerted automatically by what is happening on the dispatch board. This eliminates a great deal of the inefficient and ineffective voice communications as technicians stay in direct contact with the office.

You can schedule future jobs, employees, open work orders from the dispatch mission control center.

Electronic Time SheetsMobilio's Electronic Time sheets module allows your organization to streamline the time tracking of your technicians and automatically send their approved hours directly to payroll. Employee labor utilized is captured at the time service is performed and is sent back directly to the office through the technicians' wirelessly-enabled devices. This eliminates the need for any paper based time sheets, as well as technicians trying to remember what work was performed late on Sunday night before the Monday morning service meeting.


Prepare and manage Quotes - e-mail directly to your customer, get approval, turn the quote into a work order for dispatching.

Invoice preparation: 'Keep Current' send out invoices as soon as the work is done.

Review and audit is made easy with the online processing of work order into an invoice. This very powerful tool allows you to compare those third party purchases with the work order to guarantee you don't miss billing costs related to items picked up, manufactured or ordered for a specific job. .

Mobilio's Back-office Interface

Mobilio provides a seamless transfer information that has been reviewed and edited (after coming in from the field personnel in real time) to back office computers that run your accounting systems.

There is no double entry or re-keying of information necessary, as work orders from the field are audited and approved to a 'final invoice' status which can be updated to the back-office computer in a numbers of formats (MS Access, XML, etc.). Accounting systems with import capabilities such as QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, etc. readily accept data provided from Mobilio.

Accountants and the financial department love Mobilio because they can still continue to utilize the financial accounting system they are comfortable with. With information from the field coming in to the office in real time, there is no longer a need to constantly chase technicians for lost, incomplete or inaccurate paperwork: it is in their hands the same day.

Service Contracts :: As part of Mobilio's Service Center, your service organization can take easily manage your contracted preventative maintenance schedules. This module is ideal for organizations that need to establish and maintain scheduled maintenance on customer's equipment in the field, by providing for the ability to generate work orders that are pre-populated with equipment, check lists and required parts as defined in the contract you have with your customer. This allows your service department the ability to coordinate available resources to, not only match the incoming day-to-day service calls but also to perform scheduled maintenance based on your service contract agreements.

A Customer Portal :: provides selected customers with controlled access to data related to their account including work order information, equipment history, invoices and more. Mobilio's Customer Self Service Portal may be just the added value to drive those potential customers such as property managers or large corporation to take a more active role with you with their facilities management.

B2B :: Mobilio's Business to Business module is geared to help contractors who use subcontractors to do some or all of their service. This module allows uses the Web to dispatch work requests to your subcontractors and to have these requests automatically updated on your dispatch board as work is done.

Give management the data needed to make informed business decisions.

Reports make it easy to evaluate the performance of technicians.
See profitability at a glance, evaluate your service contract rates.

You don't have to wait for an accountant's report to see how you are doing. - Real-time information is available as information is coming in from technicians throughout the day.

Mobilio comes bundled with standardized service-based management reports:

Work-in-Process - see all unbilled work including today's activities
Service History - activity by customer or across customer lines
Profit & Loss - profitability by work order - sorts give you analysis by customer, by technician and more
One-button export functionality to Excel where you can create your own presentation with different sorting and totaling
Easy-to-use query tools allow you to select the data you require prior to executing the report